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Sara Zaidi

Building Healthy Minds and Happy Families provides therapeutic childhood services in terms of individual consultations and sessions for children and families who may need the extra support, as well as presentations and workshops for parents, teachers, and professionals eager to learn more.

Sara explains the cognitive, emotional and social development of children from a neurological perspective and utilizes techniques based on the disciplines of play therapy, developmental psychology and behavioral medicine. The core belief of her practice is that creating strong foundations in early childhood leads to building healthy minds and consequently, happy families. 

Sara brings a unique multi-disciplinary approach to the field of early childhood. After completing her medical degree she decided to pursue her interest in developmental psychology at Columbia University, and thereafter, mental health counseling at New York University. Upon graduation, she worked with different children's organizations in New York City providing individual and group therapy. Sara launched her own private practice in 2012 and has more than a decade of experience as a child therapist. She is licensed in New York and New Jersey. 

Sara uses play therapy to help children express their thoughts and feelings, and address underlying issues when they may not have the verbal language to do so. With teens, she uses tailored age appropriate therapeutic techniques to help them address their challenges and find healthier solutions to their problems. Sara also specializes in parent-child communication and works with families to overcome their differences by providing a safe space to express themselves. She helps parents and caregivers find effective strategies and solutions through individual consultations, workshops and groups. Sara collaborates with a network of pediatricians and early intervention providers to provide a broad range of services for children and families.